Prescott Art Docents

Youth Speakers Bureau Talks for the School Year 2017-2018

For Elementary and Middle Schools

Talks are 20 to 25 minutes.  Contact Docent Liz Stark at   to request a talk.

Art in the Sky – Recommended for 2nd grade.

Let your imagination soar with the birds and learn about early and modern kites and other flying things. (Science)     Docent Denise Preble

Ancient Greece and Rome – Recommended for 3rd grade.

The people of Ancient Greece and Rome lived over 2000 years ago but made many important contributions to art, architecture, engineering, and language.  We look at some of these and see how the ancient Greeks and Romans continue to influence us today. (History)     Docent Deborah Konizer 

Ride ‘Em Cowboy – Recommended for 4th grade.

Learn about the exciting but dangerous and hard life of the historical cowboy of the 1600’s through 1895.  The presentation follows the history of the cowboy as seen through the art of Remington and Russell, as well as members of the Cowboy Artists of America, such as Phippen, Dye, Swanson, and Nebeker. (History/Social Studies)     Docent Denise Preble

Horses in Art – Recommended for 3rd thru 5th grades.

In America and throughout the world, horses have played important roles in exploration, war, sports, farming, and leisure (free time).  Because horses are so important, they are the subject of many American paintings and photographs. (History)     Docent Dan Eremenchuck

America the Beautiful: American Monuments and other Large Scale Sculptures – Recommended for all grades.

View many major national monuments from the Statue of Liberty through Ellis Island, to Washington D.C. and west through the St. Louis Gateway Arch to learn their history and view the many monuments and large-scale sculptures in our America the Beautiful. (History)     Docent Hugh Meier

Viewing Nature through Magic Eyes – Recommended for 4th grade.

The camouflage art of Bev Doolittle reveals that very few things are as they seem.  Look closely with your magic eyes. (Art/Science)     Docent Denise Preble

Seven Wonders of the World – Recommended for 3rd thru 5th grades.

Our list for this presentation includes Chichen Itza, Mach Picchu, Christ the Redeemer, The Roman Coliseum, The Taj Mahal, and The Great Wall of China. As these “wonders” are explored in a virtual trip around the world, we discuss movement and repetition, bas-relief sculpture, texture, symmetry, geometric shapes, and focal points.  (Social Studies/Geography)     Docent Joslyn Anderson

Speed: Art in the Fast Lane – Recommended for 3rd thru 5th grades.

Art, science, and engineering come together to produce machines and vehicles that go very fast.  Humans and animals also can move very fast. Learn how artists portray speed using line and color. Then let students use their imaginations to hear and feel the speed. (Science/Math/Art)     Docent Liz Stark

Bugs, Blooms, and Butterflies – Recommended for 1st thru 3rd grades.

Explore the artwork of the amazing artist Maria Sibylla Merian, who illustrated metamorphosis. Mrs. Merian traveled to the jungles of Surinam, South America in 1699 to collect, study, and paint insects and flowers. She advanced both science and art. (Science)     Docent Deborah Konizer


NEW FOR 2017-2018

Taking Art Outdoors: “En Plein Air” A Look at Impressionism – Recommended for 3rd thru 6th grades.

Learn how artists in France and America decided to break away from the past and try new techniques in using color and light.  Their paintings captured the “impression” of a moment in time.  See works by Monet, Morisot, and American painters who came to France to find out about this new movement, an art movement that still inspires us today. (Art/Science)     Docent Georgeanne Hanna


Note:  Schools will be notified as new talks are approved for the classroom.