Adult and Teen Speaker Program

List of Talks – Speakers & Descriptions

Speaker – Pam Sprengelmeyer

The Glory that was Rome: Examines the legacy of the ancient Romans, who carried the torch of the classicism of the Greeks, ultimately developing their own unique aesthetic as they built their Empire.

Between Classicism: A Quick Tour of the Middle Ages: From the time of the acceptance of Christianity by the Roman Empire, this talk explores the art of the Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic, by examining the art and architecture of the Great Cathedrals to show why the “Dark Ages” were not so dark.

The Art of the Renaissance: Explores the beauty and influence of both the Italian and the Northern Renaissance, to show and understand the impact of these new artistic innovations and why they influenced artists for centuries.

A Tale of Two Styles: The late 18th and early 19th centuries were a time of Political and Cultural Revolution This talk explores the revolution and conflict of the Neoclassic and Romantic Art and their influence and power during this era.

The Other 60’s: Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism: From Gustave Courbet to Vincent Van Gogh, this talk examines the cultural and political landscape of Paris in the Mid 19th Century (not unlike our own 1960’s) that gave rise to the “New Painting” – today we call Impressionism.

Reflections of Spain: A little-known influence on the innovative art of the Realist/Impressionist, Edouard Manet, where the Spanish Masters, Diego Velazquez and Goya (among others). Looking at the art of Spain, this talk examines how these styles came to influence Manet and the other artists of mid-19th century Paris.

Speaker – Ruth Anne Norris

America on the Move – American art from roughly 1820 to 2019, illustrating the various art styles from Romantic Landscapes, to Realism, to Western art, and the AshCan school. Follow along as America changed from a mainly pastoral and frontier country to an urbanized landscape. 

Speaker – Deb Konizer

Science Art: Amazing Rare Things – This talk centers on Maria Sibylla Merian, her travels to South America and the impact it had on her art and the world of entomology.  Merian was a German artist who lived from 1647 to 1717 and had an obsession with metamorphosis leading her to explore South American jungles. Merian stated she had painted “amazing rare things” there.

Speaker – Bobbie Engle

Art Glass: How and When did it become High Art – Enjoy the beauty of glass from Murano, Steuben, Tiffany and paperweights from France. Learn about the birth of modern art glass in Toledo with Harvey Lettleton and Dominic Lubine and their students Chihuly and Marquis. This presentation will include examples of glass displayed in museums and galleries around the country. (a digital presentation of art, history, and science.)

Wednesday on the River with George – Step back in time and learn the importance of that special Wednesday, December 25, 1776. We will talk about the people involved on this momentous day, the artists who immortalized it and some of the other historical paintings they created. What occurred that Christmas probably changed the course of American History and we will learn how it is remembered even today. (art and history)

The Art of Ancient Greece – A Personal Odyssey – This is a very personal talk by someone who has experienced Greece first hand, accompanied by the aura of her father who brought her up admiring the Ancient Greeks, their culture, their art and their love of democracy. Discover the three main periods in which Greek art flourished: The Bronze Age, the Archaic Period and the traditional Ancient Greek Age; The Classical Period. You will see many examples of its three main classes: architecture, sculpture, and painting. (a digital presentation of history and art)

Speaker  – Dan Ermenchuck

Horses in Art: From Start to Finish – Learn about the evolution of the horse. Included will be the reverence of horses by ancient cultures in religion, poetry, and art, the importance of horses to Native Americans and the ways in which humans have interacted with horses during every Age.
The talk is illustrated with work of many artists who have made horses their subjects throughout history.

Speaker – Jeanne Blumer

Asian Art – This is a comparison of art and culture among 3 traditions from India, China, and Japan. China, Japan, and India are ancient cultures whose arts go back more than 6,000 years.  All have had invasions that influenced art and all maintained Buddhist and other religious influences in their art.  We will explore these events and influences and examine how Western artistic ideas were assimilated in these three countries to varying degrees.

Concert of Art – Take a musical and artistic journey into the changes and the development of an artist’s creative force in viewing Klee’s work. Learn how Klee’s favorite classical composers, Bach and Mozart, inspired and challenged him to create a layering of themes, colors and musical symbols in his art. (art and music)

Art of China – Journey from Neolithic Chinese Art right up to the modern era. You will hear how art continued to evolve through the many periods of political and social upheaval. Most exciting is to see the images of incredible bronzes, jade, porcelain and the towering landscapes created in China throughout the ages.

Art of Japan – Travel through the history, religions and the art forms of Japan. You will see how the Japanese greatly influenced Western painters and how Western technology changed Japan dramatically. This is a fascinating journey through the works of art created in Japan which takes you from about 300 B.C.E. to contemporary times.

Speaker – Hugh Meier

America the Beautiful: American Monuments and Sculptures – Included in this presentation: The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorials, St. Louis Arch, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. We learn about these sculptors and engineers and some of the problems they faced in their creation.

Speaker – Molly Clark

Early Genre Paintings: Everyday Life in America in the 1800’s – Genre paintings are simply paintings or portraits of individuals engaged in common activities. The paintings can be viewed from different points of view, as depictions of everyday life as sources of information about the history and as complex works of art. The idea is to show how ordinary Americans were seen by artists of the time, to look at the stories these paintings tell and see what it would have been like to have lived then. This can help us think about our social history, who we are, where we come from, what we value and why, but a lighter level. You will find that many of the stories are just fun.

Speaker – Nancy Shugrue

Canine Chronology – The Place of Dogs in Art Throughout History – We will trace the images of dogs in art from the earliest times in history to the present day. These images occur in cave drawings, on magazine covers and throughout the ages in between. This lively talk will not disappoint the lovers of art and lovers of man’s best friend will be delighted. (Art & History)

Speaker – Liz Stark

Speed: Art in the Fast Lane – Art, science, and engineering come together to produce machines and vehicles that go very fast.  Humans and animals also can move very fast. Learn how artists portray speed using line and color. Use your imagination to hear and feel the speed. This talk is fast paced and will get your heart pumping!  Hold on to your hat!

Speaker – Cindy Welch

Concrete Canvas: Amazing Art in Unusual Spaces – From cave art to intriguing wall murals to contemporary sidewalk art, concrete canvases have provided creative forums for artists for thousands of years. Learn how this medium has provided a showcase for history, education, political statements, art appreciation and more, as we move from pre-history into the modern age of computers and 3-D fantasies and illusions.  (Art & History)

Faces of Africa: The Art of Adornment – Among the many traditional African cultures, a healthy body is to be celebrated without shyness, to be used as a vehicle for artistic expression and as a way to send messages and announce status. The human body is regarded as the best “canvas” to be decorated with patterns formed with paint, tattoos, scarring, jewelry, and garments. To see African patterned bodies celebrating the ritual of life is to witness one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful art forms.

Art of India – Take a fascinating journey across the ocean and view approximately 5000 years of Indian art. India is one of the oldest and most complex and enduring cultures on earth. India is Hindu, which is both a religion and a way of life. But India has also given birth to the religions of Buddhism and Jainism. Islam and the West have also shared in India’s long history. Learn how each of these has influenced India’s intriguing art.

Contemporary Architecture – Contemporary Architecture around the world has proven to be unique and exciting, providing new adventurous looks for every type of architecture from homes and museums to churches and monuments.  Even the descriptions are unique and include terms such as ‘blobitecture’ and ‘deconstructivism’!