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We share the love of art.


Masterpiece art talk docents visit the same classroom 5-7 times each year, bringing selected art reproductions from our 800+ collection, to initiate discussions about art, techniques, styles and other age-appropriate topics, leaving behind one (1) reproduction for the classroom to enjoy until the next visit.

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Monday Morning Programs

Come join us Mondays beginning at 10:00 am for our social gathering then at 10:30 am we showcase many of the local artists and our own Docents. Click to view our calendar.

Prescott Art Docents Guidebook

Our History

It all began in 1971...
Our mission is to share the love of art with children and adults
throughout our community and to promote the art museum experience.
Everything you see here is what we're all about.

There is no need to have artistic skills or a background in art history or teaching. Docents are given comprehensive art history and art appreciation training. Continuing art education is available through the Monday Morning Program series.

Docent service opportunities include visiting classrooms using masterpiece art reproductions, giving art talks to teen and adult groups, and participating in programs, “Art in June,” “Art Days in the Library” and "Caldecott Books and Art for Kids."

Personal enrichment opportunities include the Monday Morning programs, field trips to museums and galleries around Arizona, and adventure trips to major cities outside of Arizona.

  • Jeff Ogg

  • Yvonne Johnson

  • By Layne Longfellow


Docent and Auditor inspirational moments...


Art Talks can blow your mind. I opened the door and my eyes were filled with kites! Every color. Every size. Every design. Everywhere. These competition kites were handmade. The kid in me was awakened to every word the professional kite flyers spoke. Final thought: Where can I go see my first kite competition?


As I walk through art galleries, I feel the art I see offers an opportunity to explore many different artist’s perspectives, including my immediate impression which leads me to discover my own interpretation of an artist’s work. It brings a smile to my face every time I journey into any gallery.


I am always amazed by the wealth of art history knowledge our group of docent and auditor members own during our social time before a Monday Morning program presentation. The excitement shared of art seen is excitedy shared when one of us travels to Europe, Asia, South America, Russia or inside the borders of the US.


About talks that inspired me, I would say Jeri Shaffer’s training talk about the Armory Show was one of the best. It explained how Impressionism was introduced to America, and she’s going to revisit the talk for us in November. Of course Sherry Kopot’s talks are always excellent, and I remember a super one by a gentleman who produced shows at the PCA about his creative process. In 16 years, I cannot think of a bad one.


Student and teacher inspirations...